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The Sacred Bible Modern Catholic Public Domain Edition  by  Ronald L.  Conte

The Sacred Bible Modern Catholic Public Domain Edition by Ronald L. Conte
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Version summary:The Catholic Public Domain Version, including Old and New Testament, formatted for the kindle. The CPDV of the Bible is a translation of the Sacred Bible, Sixtus V and Clement VIII Latin Vulgate edition.The CPDV has certain advantages in comparison with other English language translations of the Bible.1) The CPDV is a Roman Catholic translation.

This specifically Roman Catholic translation makes the Roman Catholic understanding of the text more easily accessible to the Catholic reader.2) The CPDV is written in modern English. Some Catholic versions of the Bible, such as the Douay-Rheims version, are good translations, but they are difficult to understand because the English language has changed through the centuries.3) The CPDV is a translation based on the Latin Scriptural tradition. The CPDV attempts to continue this separate Latin Scriptural tradition, without in any way detracting from other essential Scriptural traditions based on Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic, and other languages.4) The CPDV carefully avoids so-called inclusive language.

The CPDV rejects inclusive language, instead translating each noun that refers to human persons in accordance with the gender and number of the source text. The word meaning ‘sons’ is translated as ‘sons’- the word meaning ‘brothers’ is translated as ‘brothers’- and so on.5) The CPDV rejects the idea that scholarship should take precedence over faith.

The CPDV seeks to clarify the Christian and specifically Roman Catholic meanings found throughout the entire Bible.6) The CPDV attempts to conform to the Norms for the Translation of Biblical Texts for Use in the Liturgy, as promulgated by the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith when that office was under the leadership of then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (now Pope Benedict XVI). The CPDV is intended to be used in study, personal prayer and reflection, Scriptural interpretation and commentary, as well as in liturgical services.The version is public domain, and can be downloaded at, if you download the free version, please leave a review on Amazon, to provide feedback and help other users.

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