Billy Budd and Benito Cereno Herman Melville


Published: 1965

Leather Bound

176 pages


Billy Budd and Benito Cereno  by  Herman Melville

Billy Budd and Benito Cereno by Herman Melville
1965 | Leather Bound | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 176 pages | ISBN: | 10.23 Mb

BILLY BUDD:I might have enjoyed it more had I read it all in one sitting on the weekend (as I did Franzens Freedom instead), but having an hour long commute home from work, I needed four nights to finish it.I dont doubt that this was going to eventually be a masterpiece, but Melville never finished it and we shouldnt pretend that he did. The prose definitely deducts a star, as it is unclear and byzantine even for Victorian standards (perhaps thats why it took me so long to finish).As for the story apart from the prose, if you were to sum it up it would lose its power -- innocent, handsome sailor is Shanghaied by the British during a time of mutinies- said sailor spills his soup on his Master at Arms- said sailor is tempted to mutiny by someone unknown- accused of mutiny, unable to talk because of a stutter, he throws a single punch which kills the Master at Arms, for which he is hanged.But Melville handles the material in such a way that the whole story takes on the import of mythology.

And this is what every writer dreams of creating. If only Melville had done a few more drafts, this might have been a five-star work

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